PLUM - The Perfect Compromise.

It dawned on us. Every little babe loves a tutu. But what about young, contemporary moms? Not so much.

We decided to create a collection that encapsulates the ultimate little babes 'fairytale' moment - while still being  'cool mom approved.'

Why not have your babe throw on leather jacket with a tutu? It's cool. You might as well go with it and tie up a pair of adidas originals and ruffle socks to complete the look. (sorry for sarcasm - but it's so true! - it's so good)

PLUM :  It's the perfect compromise.

We made the concept as easy as 1,2,3. (completely, candy / dirt stain tested)

Throw in the wash and let your little babe wear it over and over (and over) again.

(no frill, just chill) 

x, A


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BettyAlexia Panza