Emerson and Friends Convertible Footie Pajamas | Hocus Pocus Bamboo

$40 USD
SWEET DREAMS: Made from high quality bamboo, Emerson and Friends PJ's are the recipe for a perfect night's sleep. These Pj's start with their signature butter soft bamboo/spandex blend that has the perfect amount of stretch. BUTTERY SOFT: Emerson and Friends footie garments are made from 95% viscose of bamboo and 5% spandex, making them exceptionally cozy and soft to the touch. These fabrics have the perfect amount of stretch so baby can wear each size a little longer and move easily. Wash: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low UNIQUE PRINTS: Each piece features an in-house designed stylish print. Artist designed prints in a variety of trending colors in graphics are what make Emerson and Friends footies unique. EASIER DIAPER CHANGES: Featuring a two-way zipper design makes late night changes a breeze. Also features: Fold-over sleeve, printed neck label for extra comfort, footie grips for crawlers and walkers, and neck line zipper protection. CONVERTIBLE FOOT: This style foot can convert into a footie or a footless pajama, making the transition from sleep to play effortless. Note: size chart in images shows length of garment and estimate of baby’s weight. Emerson and Friends Convertible Footie Pajamas | Hocus Pocus Bamboo